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Pass the salt please....

| October 01, 2018
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Earlier this month, we offered our first Wealth and Wellbeing event…a cooking class.

Why would a financial planning firm hold a cooking class? It has everything to do with who we are and how we see our role in helping clients think, plan, and live holistically.

The event was held at Natural Grocers in Davenport. Dr. Alex Arguello, DC, a local health coach, taught us about healthy versus unhealthy cooking oils. We know that health is a vital component of thriving, and if there are simple steps we can take - such as cooking with healthy oils - that will help us feel better and live longer, we want to promote this!

The cooking instruction itself was led by award-winning chef Jason Stewart, owner of Zeke’s Island Restaurant in Davenport. In addition to cooking tips, he demonstrated the use of coconut oil and butter in a simple-to-prepare one-pan meal. Each couple had the opportunity to cook and, of course, eat their nutritious and delicious meal.

One of the participants wrote: “Thanks for a fun evening… we are making some dietary changes as a result of what we learned.”

Watch for other Wealth and Wellbeing events in the future!


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