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Estate Planning

Anyone who owns assets has an estate. While individual needs may differ, everyone should develop an estate plan to ensure that assets will be distributed to beneficiaries in an easy and precise manner. Remember, if you have not prepared your own estate plan, then your state will dictate a plan that you and your beneficiaries may not like!

At Plan2Thrive Financial Services, we will help you think about the issues necessary to create an estate plan that will work towards your needs while avoiding common problems that can arise in the passing of assets. We will work with you and a qualified Estate Planning Attorney to tailor a comprehensive estate plan that will help:

  • Direct the distribution of your estate according to your wishes
  • Minimize state and federal estate taxes*
  • Ensure that your estate will have sufficient funds to pay any taxes that your estate may owe
  • Avoid unnecessary probate
  • Minimize the emotional and financial burden on your estate's beneficiaries

*Specific tax consequences should be verified by your tax advisor

What Financial Planning Tools do we use?