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Fee-Based Investing

Some people prefer to pay someone a fee to manage their money, so that a professional money manager uses best practices to help their assets grow with the greatest potential return for the least risk. We can use third party money managers and use different types of investments to help you pursue your goals.

Your fee is based on a percentage of the assets under management, usually paid on a quarterly basis. Lower fees may be paid for larger portfolio sizes. Our fee--which we split with the entity managing your money—increases or decreases in accordance to the overall value over the time period. That means that from an economic standpoint, we are on the same page—neither of us wants your account to go down, and both of us are rewarded when your account grows.

Furthermore, there are usually no penalties for you to take your money elsewhere if you are not satisfied. The only reason that you will continue to do business with us is because you are happy with your experience. (You may not be happy that the market declined, but you can know if we did the best we could in the given circumstances.) Investing in mutual funds are subject to the risks of their underlying investment holdings including possible loss of principle. Investments in specialized industry sectors carry additional risks, which are outlined in the prospectus. No strategy ensures a profit or protects against loss.