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Investment Philosophy

  • Be diversified among different asset classes. It can lower the overall risk of your portfolio.
  • Own investments that are not correlated to one another. This can also lower your portfolio risk. Please note that asset allocation and diversification cannot eliminate risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns, nor can any strategy ensure profit or guarantee against loss.
  • Rebalance your portfolio. Over certain time periods, some assets will perform better than others. When the winds of the economy change, other asset classes may perform better.
  • Rebalancing can bring the discipline to sell high and buy low, potentially increasing your performance over time. However, investors should keep in mind that rebalancing could result in an income tax liability, incur trading costs, investment fees and other expenses associated with rebalancing, which may reduce total returns.
  • Understand your risk tolerance. How much volatility can you handle, both in terms of dollars and percentage losses in a down market. We work with you to identify a level of risk that is appropriate for you. See the forms download section for the Investment Profile Questionnaire we use for this.

You have two options for investing: fee-based and commission-based accounts.