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Our Approach

Right Brain, Left Brain or Both?

We were made with two halves of our brain. Neuroscientists tell us the right and left sides of the brain have very different functions.

The left side of the brain processes logic, patterns and systems. As it relates to money, budgeting, cash management systems, the technical part of portfolio management such as diversification, risk and returns, modern portfolio theory—these are all processed on the left side of the brain.

The right side of the brain contains the emotional part of money. What are our deep emotional needs? When we spend our money, what does that do for us emotionally? What needs are we trying to meet with our money? What are our beliefs about money and where did they come from? Some beliefs about money are very helpful; some beliefs about money may make us make decisions that we later come to regret.

Some financial planners primarily or only focus on the left side of the brain’s realm of money. But if they do that, aren’t they leaving out half the picture?

At Plan2Thrive Financial Services, we look at both aspects. We are very comfortable with the left side, which is primarily the quantitative side of the art, using innovative practices like Modern Portfolio Theory, developed by Nobel-Prize winning Dr. Harry Markowitz. We use sophisticated software to help with retirement, college and estate planning. See our description of our software for financial planning.

We also look at the qualitative, which is the right side of the brain’s relationship with money. What are your beliefs about money? How do you feel about them? Where did they come from? What would you like your money to do for you? Is your money aligned with your values, your purpose and your goals?

What is Our Process to Financial Planning?