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Retirement Planning

People are living longer these days and often enough Social Security benefits coupled with pension payments, if you have them, are an insufficient source of funds for retirement. As a result, taking personal responsibility to save for retirement is increasingly important.

How much of your pre-retirement income will you need to maintain your lifestyle after retirement? Each person’s situation varies greatly. Do you plan to travel or anticipate high medical costs? How soon will you retire and what is your life expectancy? You may be retired for a long period of time. Retired persons are commonly retired for 25 years or more now and planning for that large stage of your life is very important.

At Plan2Thrive Financial Services, we can help you sort through the variety of retirement planning options and issues that you are certain to face. We start by discussing your retirement goals: what kind of a retirement do you envision? Do you want to retire early, travel, or start your own business? After your retirement goals have been carefully chosen and considered, Plan2Thrive Financial Services will help you wade through the myriad of retirement strategies available. We will create a specific plan of action for your retirement. With a great deal of careful planning combined with the feedback we receive from you, we strive to ease the financial pains often associated with retirement.

Most important, our planning begins with your desire to create your preferred future.

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