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Risk Management

We believe that with a disciplined savings program and the development of an emergency fund, smaller risks can be self-funded, saving you significant amounts of premium dollars. However, sometimes it makes sense to lay off risks that are too large to bear by yourself. To help you manage risk, we can look at what insurance you have and perform an analysis of your exposure and how to best manage that risk. Sometimes we find clients that are “insurance poor” because they are paying too much premiums for insurance that they may not need. Other times, we may recommend that a person buy more to help manage that risk.

If after discovering a need for insurance, you can obtain this from other sources, or if you prefer, we can help you obtain the following kinds of insurance:

  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

Our approach is to shop through an insurance broker to find the best value from a highly reputable and financially strong insurance company. Because we do the shopping on your behalf, and provide options for you to consider, this can give you peace of mind that you are obtaining a good value for your insurance dollars.