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Small Business Services

Whether you’re self-employed and need to fund your own retirement or a small business owner looking to plan a financial future for you and your employees,  Plan2Thrive Financial Services has retirement plan option for you and your valuable employees. With flexible funding, affordable investment choices, and helpful support you, as well as your employees, can feel confident in the pursuit of your retirement goals.

Business owners need to do everything they can to attract and hold onto the best talent.  This is a big job added to all of your other responsibilities. An employee retirement plan helps achieve greater stability for your company, by reducing turn over and building company loyalty.   It also helps employees meet their long-term financial goals. But administering and managing a company retirement plan isn’t always a straightforward process.  We can help make it one.  Whether it’s a 401(k) plan or a SIMPLE IRA, you don’t have to navigate that road alone.

Plan2Thrive Financial Services offers retirement plans for small business with these core principles in mind:

  • Retirement administration should be easy.   We are invested in you.  We want to personally meet and guide your employees.  We take the application processing and the education out of your hands and make the transition simple. We are on your side. 
  • Every worker should be able to retire comfortably. We help your employees plan and prepare for retirement with access to guidance, education, planning tools, self-service account management and toll-free assistance.
  • Our interests should align with your interests. Whether its a SIMPLE IRA plan, deferred compensation, SEP IRA or a flexible 401K plan, we find the product that works best for you and your employees goals.  Do you have "key employees" that would hurt your business if something happen to them? Do you have a succession plan in place, or a buy-sell agreement that you need help with? We light the path to your bright future.  

Let 's Transfer Your Current Plan - Or Set Up a New One Today!

Whether you’re shopping around for a new administrative service provider, with your specific goals in mind to manage and grow  your current plan– or looking for help with starting a new plan tailored to your needs, Plan2Thrive Financial Services is your answer. We, like you, are proud members of this community.  Build a partnership today.