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Jeff  Newburn

Jeff Newburn

Financial Adviser - Partner

Jeff grew up on a farm in Northern Iowa, obtained a BS degree from Iowa State, and worked as a manager at MidAmerican Energy and predecessor companies before starting his financial services practice in 2000. Jeff became a Certified Financial Planner in 2007. He founded Plan2Thrive Financial Services in 2010.

Jeff’s passion is Financial Life Planning. He not only helps clients be a good steward of their money but also learns his clients’ goals and values and what they would like their money to do for them. He believes the purpose of money is to fund our values.

Jeff is a Life Coach, where he loves helping his clients pursue their God-given potential through Plan2Thrive Life Coaching. He is an Ambassador with Empowered Wealth, where he uses the principles, concepts and tools of Empowered Wealth, founded by Lee Brower, author of The Brower Quadrant.

The best decision he ever made was his decision to marry up to Sharon, who works in their practice. Their daughter Rose is a music education major. She and her husband, Willie, have four wonderful children: Abby, Ezra, Lizzy, and Jude. Their son Ben studied music at Hillsong College in Australia and is a musician in Colorado.

Jeff and Sharon have held various positions in their church, including serving as board member and treasurer for several years. They currently oversee leadership development and small groups in their church.

Jeff enjoys spending time with his family and grandchildren, reading, biking, and being in nature, especially hiking or skiing in mountains and diving in coral reefs.